Bring out your top wildlife images and stand a chance to win a safari of a lifetime, and support Conservation at the same time!


Animography is a global photography competition with it’s primary goal being to draw attention to the beauty of animals through creative photography, and at the same time drawing attention to global conservation issues that face our planet!

All Competition categories are based on conservation issues facing that Continent at that particular time. The idea is to feature a different continent each year, focusing on various issues facing them and applying categories to highlight the problem and work being done in these areas. The categories, however, should be broad enough to allow people from all around the world to be able to enter with images taken either from that continent or elsewhere.

Hopefully conservation bodies and NGO’s can then also use the competition to highlight the issues they are trying to solve. But at the heart of it, this still remains a photographic competition which should inspire people to take part, showcase their incredible photography, as well as allow us to assist in bringing more attention to various conservation issue.


It is with great sadness that we have to announce that due to the lasting effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have decided to put the competition on hold. Not knowing what the future holds for travel, and also the fact that people are not entirely focused on NEW Competitions at the moment, we just feel this is not the right time and environment to persue this new and exciting project. Hopefully, in the future once all travel has returned to normal, we can once again persue this Competition.

Our apologies to all those who have entered. Plans will be made to refund your entry fees.

Welcome to APA!

The most exciting Photographic Competition has finally launched! We are excited about the future projects and look forward to receiving some incredible imagery. This is going to be the next big thing in promoting Conservation in our World ….

Our Incredible Destination Prize

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US$13000  “Once in a lifetime African Safari”!

Mukambi Safari Lodges

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Anabezi Lodge

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from which the OVERALL WINNING IMAGE is chosen.

Our Conservation Partners for 2019



One of the leading Vulture conservation programmes for advancing  knowledge, awareness and innovation in the conservation of African Vulture populations.

Read more about Vulpro


The Lower Zambezi

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a non-profit organisation committed to the protection of wildlife and to the sustainable use of natural resources in the Lower Zambezi in Zambia.

Read More


Forest Elephants

AFEF’s mission is to secure the survival of African forest elephants and the Central African forest habitat in which they survive, into the future.

Read More



The South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) is an NGO based in Hermanus, Western Cape.  Our mission is to promote the sustainable use and conservation of living marine resources using a holistic research approach.

Read More


Coral Reefs

Nature Seychelles is a leading environmental organisation in the Western Indian Ocean. It is the largest and oldest environment NGO in the Seychelles archipelago, where it is involved in environmental conservation and management.

Read More

9000 %

growth in rhino poaching between 2007-2014 in South Africa

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