Born out of a passion for the environment, and photography. We wanted to find a way to use what we love to give back, to assist other people who are putting their heart and soul into saving our Natural History, and help raise awareness for various Conservation efforts while at the same time, create excitement and a sense of participation through an interactive platform, and this is how the Animography Awards were born.

Take part in something unique, show your Artistic Creations while helping our save our Animals. Stand a chance to witness these animals in their natural environment if your image is chosen as one of our winners.

Anthony Grote

The creator and driving force behind the Animography Photography Awards. it all started way back when … with a postgraduate degree in Conservation, I always wanted to work with wild animals. After studying for 6 years, I managed to secure a Game Farm Manager position in the Lowveld, where I managed a fairly large Reserve for approximately 5 years.

Then I was offered the opportunity to work with animals while advancing my knowledge with technology, we filmed wildlife live onto the internet. This was in the early days, where it took a good couple of months to get decent bandwidth into remote places, and even then, we were lucky to get proper internet. As with all things, it came to an end with the Dot Com crash.

We decided to head overseas and worked in the Caribbean as an underwater photographer and videographer, living up the life and enjoying the Ocean.

After returning to South Africa, I started freelancing, photographing adventure sports, ocean and river sports, mountain biking and trail running. Missing the great outdoors, I decided it would be good to try my hand at getting into the Lodge and Hotel photography world, which is where I am now.

Along the way I have managed to win a couple of underwater competitions, scoop and few prizes here and there, publishing around the World, but always wanting a way to get more involved in Conservation again, while still operating my trusty Nikon. Hence the idea for this competition….

Allen Walker

Allen Walker

By nature we want to show the world what beauty lies above and beneath and how we as individuals perceive and capture it. I believe images of beauty and creativity will have a far better impact on the drive for conservation than ones showing human destruction.

Behind the scenes I work hard to ensure that conservation issues close to heart are supported in the best way I can. Be this through assistance, imagery, sponsorship, or direct involvement. We do, however, believe that it is important to address issues on our doorstep first! In this way we learn and we can then help others address conservation issues in their spheres.

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