Competition Categories

The Competition is a Worldwide Competiton with anyone from anywhere in the world being allowed to enter. images can be taken anywhere as long as they fit the category theme. They do not have to show actually conservation practices but have to showcase that environment, or species, indicated in the category. We are looking for strong images which Showcase our seven Categories, images which will make people take note and give a reason for why those environments and species should be taken care of.


The Categories are based on Conservation challenges faced in and around the African Continent. 


 This does NOT mean that only images from Africa and surrounds will be accepted. On the contrary, images from anywhere in the World can be submitted, as long as they fit in one of the Categories.


African Rivers are one of the most threatened environments on the Continent. Severe pollution, deforestation, erosion are just some of the issues threatening these highly sensitive ecosystems.


However, they are also some of the most diverse ecosystems on the continent, providing habitats to numerous threatened species, including mammals, birds, invertebrates, even below the water surface.


Images submitted into this category must clearly show that it was taken in a riverine environment, or of an animal species that is only found within a riverine environment.

River Conservation

The Conservation Organisation associated with Rivers is
Conservation Lower Zambezi.
animography awards rivers
animography awards rivers
animography rivers


The Savanna Grassland ecosystem is a tropical grassland with warm temperatures year-round and with its highest seasonal rainfall in the summer. Rich in diversity, supporting complex food chains and thus offering the patient photographer plenty of opportunity to hone their skills.
However, these ecosystems are under serious threat from farming and population growth. Each species is fighting to surviving in an ever shrinking habitat. Certain target species are also under threat for various reasons, including ivory, horn, meat and water.
So show us some incredible images featuring the animal life, landscapes or vegetation found in this rich and diverse savanna ecosystem …

Savanna Conservation

The Conservation Body associated with Savannas is the African Pangolin Working Group ….
savanna leopards


Deforestation is one of the most well documented conservation issues facing us on Earth. Covering more than 30% of the worlds land areas, these areas are disappearing at an alarming rate, with estimates being that there Amazon Rainforest has lost about 17% over the last 50 years. The continual destruction of our valuable forest has a direct affect on our wildlife, ecosystems, and even more drastic, our climate.


Obviously as the Forest habitat is destroyed, so the species associated with those habitats suffer. So it is imperative to take stock of what species are suffering as a result of our continual deforestation practices, and find a way to manage these areas and integrate the surrounding communities to find a way how all can benefit from saving these areas.


So show us some incredible images featuring the animal life associated with Forests, Forest environments, or Forest landscapes …

Forest Conservation

The Conservation Organisation associated with Forests is the African Forest Elephant Foundation ….
animography forests
animography forests
animography forests


Despite being part of Africa’s iconic species, Pachyderms are under threat! We all  know the plight of the African Elephant through poaching, and the drastic decline of Rhinoceros numbers for their their horn. Elephant and rhino numbers have been declining rapidly over the last 10 years due to the continual pressure put on then through patching, and habitat loss.


It is important that something is done to save these species, as they are important to the ecosystem! Habitat shapers, bulk grazers and browsers, they form important roles in shaping their habitats, creating microhabitats for smaller animals, opening up areas for smaller grazers, it is important that these animals are not allowed to disappear.


So show us some incredible images featuring Elephants, black & white rhino’s, and don’t forget the ever under-estimated, hippo …

Pachyderm Conservation

The Conservation Organisation associated with Pachyderms is Project Rhino KZN
animography pachyderms
animography pachyderms
animography pachyderms


Birds form integral parts of all ecosystems, but way too many are under threat, mostly due to their habitat destruction. From rivers, to mountains, grassy plains, and down to the coastal zones, birds have adapted to all these environments. But many are under threat, heading in the same direction as the all too well-known Dodo.


Twitchers and bird photographers need to highlight the plight of these animals. Habitats need to be saved, and in the case of our vultures, people need to be educated against poisoning. Let’s work together and save our avifauna.


So show us some incredible images featuring the bird life in any habitat…

Bird Conservation

The Conservation Organisation associated with Birds is Vulpro ….
animography awards birds
animography savanna


Coral Reefs are marine ecosystems, located in shallow coastal zones of the Tropical and subtropical areas. Despite occupying a relatively small percentage of the oceans, the high species diversity make them one of the most important ecosystems in our Oceans.


One of the most well documented threats to our coral reefs is global warming, causing what commonly known ad coral bleaching. Many coral ecosystems have been damaged, with the most well known one being the Great Barrier Reef. Vast areas of coral polyps simply dying off due to increasing water temperatures. Other threats to our reefs include over fishing, destructive fishing practices and poor management.


So show us some incredible images featuring the animal life found in and around Coral Reefs …

Coral Reef Conservation

The Conservation Organisation associated with Coral Reefs is Nature Seychelles ….
animography coral reefs
animography coral reefs
animography coral reefs


Sharks, apex predators of our oceans, have constantly been giving a bad name and are thus always targeted. On top of that, we have the ever increasing shark fin industry which kills off vast amounts of sharks every year.


It is important these animals are conserved to maintain the intricate and all important food chains that control the oceans fauna. Shark finning Industries need to be controlled, people need to be educated about their roles in the oceans and that they are not the scary animals they are made to be. More needs to be done to understand them and their behaviours, and this information used to educate people


So show us some incredible images featuring sharks in their environment …

Shark Conservation

The Conservation Organisation associated with Sharks is The Shark Conservancy ….
animography sharks
animography sharks
animography sharks